Not all of us are fresh in the morning, lively and immediately able to conquer the world. Some people are simply not early risers and need a wake-up call two hours before leaving the house to get everything ready and moving. We've got a great tip for you. Start exercising after you wake up in bed.

Morning makes the day

A bed and a warm-up right in it will help kick-start the metabolism, even supposedly lowering blood pressure. And since waking up overwhelmingly affects your mood throughout your day, getting off on the right foot is really important. It'll give you energy for whatever challenges await you that day.

Stretching for the sun

When you open your eyes in the morning and stretch, roll over onto your back and place your palms on your stomach. And start breathing, feeling your belly rise. (Be careful not to fall asleep again in this position). If you can manage five deep breaths in and out, you can continue with the next warm-up. With an inhale, stretch your arms behind your head and stretch your body behind your fingertips and toes. With an exhale, then slowly bring your arms back along your bodies. You can repeat twice, feeling the maximum stretch of each of your muscles.

Breathe for a new day

Continue with the next breath by bending your right knee and pulling it to your chest with both hands. Feel your breath against your right thigh. With an exhale, bring the leg back to its original position, with the next inhale draw the left knee in with your hands and again feel the pressure of the inhale. With an exhale, return the leg to its original position and with the next inhale, now pull both knees to your chest. Stay in this position for a moment, breathing deeply to feel the pressure of the abdomen into both legs.

Forehead to knee

Now grab your arms below your knees and try to stretch your legs as far as possible towards the sky. This may cause uncomfortable tension for some people, and you should not forcefully push on them. Straighten your legs only as much as your body will allow. Hold for one inhale and exhale and then lower one leg to the bed and keep the other leg tense. Then, with a breath, pull the leg towards the abdomen and at the same time try to touch the knee with your forehead. With an exhale, release the leg onto the bed and repeat the exercise for the other leg.

Opening the chest

Now take hold of your right elbow with your left hand and place both hands, bent and joined, on the bed. With a breath, begin to circle your joined hands from your head in front of your chest and back behind your head, first to the left side and then to the right side. This exercise will stretch your chest, open your heart and blood the intercostal muscles.

Support for a new day

Finally, return to a relaxed backwards position, keeping your arms alongside your body. Place your elbows and palms on the bed and try to raise your chest as high as possible towards the sky. A bed that is not completely soft is ideal for this position, but rather a slightly harder bed on which you can brace yourself with confidence. Exhaling, you can sink back down to a relaxed position. Repeat at least three times.

After this easy morning stretch, you will see that you will get out of bed better and you will be full of vigour and zest for life. You can repeat this easy routine every day. You'll strengthen your muscles, stretch your hamstrings and stimulate the production of happiness hormones right as the sun rises. And after all, you can do morning yoga in bed with your partner. To make it easier for both of you to get up.

"Warm-up right in bed helps kick-start metabolism"