I like to remember the massive hazel bushes that surrounded part of the garden and provided us children and an inexhaustible number of animals and insects with a safe haven. The flexible branches patiently endured our climbing attempts, and the soft, hairy leaves kindly shielded the sunset.

Zjara was the first of the trees in the garden to bring a message of new life, and in the autumn it offered a flood of shiny nuts, often worms.

In the hidden branches of the branches, we built houses for insect friends and for fairies, who we believe lived there. It wasn't hard to make them happy, and the branches above our heads protected us all.

Hazel is one of the sages among the trees. Probably because, thanks to his connection with the realm of the dead, he realizes how limited time is given to us here on Earth, there is no need to be upset about the state of affairs. She thinks quietly as the wind whizzes in her hair, composing poetic confessions. Maybe the dead on their way out of our world. Maybe to welcome those souls who are just materializing here. From his place he sees both banks. Birth and death, the eternal cycle of life. A hazel rod suspended above the double bed ensured harmony between the partners and the happy fulfillment of the bundle.

He knows how to protect against black magic and natural disasters. It is said that mages were able to control the weather with the help of hazel twigs. Attract water and also soothe its overflows. Find the spring still hidden underground. If you feel danger, draw a circle around you with a hazel branch, no anger will get through it.

The active ingredients contain the leaves and bark of hazel. It is used in the form of teas in the treatment of inflammation of the intestines, diarrhea and bloating. Externally, the compresses will relieve the suffering of acne or eczema. Hazelnut decoction is also another alternative in the treatment of leg ulcers and hemorrhoids.

Even by eating hazelnuts in a reasonable amount, we benefit our body thanks to the significant content of magnesium and vitamin E. We can either crunch them just like that, or add them to various sweet or savory dishes such as fillings or sprinkles. It is advisable to soak the nuts before consumption, then they are more digestible and tastier for our body.

In the gardens, hazel is one of the undemanding shrubs. It has no special requirements for soil quality and can grow in the shade of larger trees. Due to pollination, it is necessary to plant at least two shrubs of the same variety at intervals of at least two meters. It tolerates shaping well, so it can be used directly in hedges. Just take into account that in this case it will not offer as many nuts as a solitaire with good sun access. Hazel also needs to be cared for and the shrub shed light.

The dense branch of the hazel bush will serve well as a windbreak, and because it is just as rich in the underground part, also if you need to strengthen the soil against wind and water erosion.

Carvers and other folk artists write their stories in soft and flexible hazel wood.

Photo: istock.com