It's good to start moving from an early age. There's nothing easier than taking a morning warm-up with your little one. You'll see that you'll enjoy exercising together. We've selected simple exercises that even smaller children can do.

For the health of your children

A regular warm-up is an invaluable movement foundation for life. It gives children a sense of discipline, improves their motor skills and also helps to deepen breathing and improve lung capacity. It also calms the nervous system and children are better able to cope with stressful situations.

Exercise with the little ones

The children's yoga exercises are tailored to keep them interested in yoga in a playful way. It usually begins with stretching in all directions with a sun salutation, and may also include non-violent talking and singing songs to calm children and get them in the mood for practicing together. If you choose to book your children directly into a yoga class with a teacher specifically for little ones, each pre-practiced routine usually has a story told through movement to help children remember the exercises and have a deeper experience of the class.

Tuning in for starters

If you are starting to practice yoga with your children alone at home, first sit down in a quiet place where you can be comfortable. Sit in a cross-legged sitting position with your hands on your knees, palms facing upwards, and your thumb and middle finger together. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Children use this exercise to smell the flower deeply.

Sit together

Now invite the child to sit cross-legged with you. Sit him/her on your thighs in the same cross-legged position as you are sitting in. Press your knees down slightly, imagining you are making a butterfly stretch its wings. You can sing a song together or just breathe deeply together. This position reinforces synchronicity between parent and child, teaching that the other is the support. It also relaxes and stretches the hip joints.

Dog and cat

This is followed by stretching in the animal way. Stand on all fours, knees at pelvic width and arch your back, pulling your head up to the sky. Like a cat when it wakes up in the morning and stretches its lithe body. This will relax not only the cervical spine but also the lumbar spine. Continue by arching your back, pulling your chin as close to your chest as possible and rolling your pelvis as far under you as possible. This stretch universally releases spinal tension and improves joint mobility, among other things. And because children like animals, move smoothly into the doggy position. He's a cat's best friend. From the position on all fours, stand on your heels, that is, in the dog position, head between the shoulders, hips pulled as high as possible to the sky. In addition, if you raise one leg in this position with a sigh as an extension of the spinal line upwards towards the sky, children will enjoy the exercise even more - it is the so-called peeing dog. With an exhale, bring the leg back down and with an inhale, lift the other leg up to the sky.


After stretching with the dog, slowly straighten up and stand upright with the next breath. Now move into the dancer position. Stand on one leg with an exhale, grab your ankle with the other hand and bend slightly. You can either extend your other hand with your palm facing the sky, or you and your child can hold each other's hand to support your balance. Do not try to be in any kind of spasm in this position, everything should be relaxed and natural, if you lose your balance simply stand up. And breathe deeply. Try to keep your balance for at least three breaths in and out and then switch legs.

To the mountains

Finally, take the children to the highest mountain. Even the smallest children can manage this position. With a sigh, raise your arms up, link your palms together above your head and stretch as far as you can towards the sky, but keep your whole foot on the ground. This is a great way to stretch your spine and joints. Finally, you can also pull yourself up on your toes and try to look up without losing your balance. The mountain position is great for grounding and improving stability.

Yoga for the whole family

Yoga is a great choice for all children, it teaches them not to compete, to concentrate and strengthens relationships with parents. It is a playful activity where you are allowed to laugh out loud if you are not good at a pose together. You can start from an early age. If you enjoy practicing together, you can gradually focus on specific lessons and videos that will hone your yoga skills together to perfection in more challenging positions and with a variety of tools. The important thing is that you have fun together and enjoy the harmony with each other.

"The children's yoga exercises are tailored to engage them in a playful way"