This is not the first time you have come across the Arizer brand in our vaporizer reviews. The premiere, however, is that it is not primarily a portable device. In fact, the Arizer Extreme Q is a desktop vaporizer.

In ROOTS 03/2019 we brought you a review of the Volcano Digit desktop vaporizer, then in the 09/2019 issue it was Volcano Hybridboth from Storz & Bickel. How did this piece, which boasts several top-notch features including remote control, a choice between balloons and direct pull through tubing, digital temperature settings, adjustable fan speeds, and yet is on the market at a very, very reasonable price, fare?


The Extreme Q has a cylindrical stainless steel body built on a sturdy base.

The Extreme Q is a pretty big device that looks really impressive thanks to its glossy finish. In fact, it does not resemble a vaporizer at all, but rather an ordinary home appliance. It has a digital display at the bottom, which is surrounded by controls for fan and temperature settings. The display is large and bright enough so that it is easy to read even from a distance. The display shows useful information on temperature and fan speed settings. The display is backlit in a pleasant blue colour, which gives the device a mysterious touch.

The controls are simple and intuitive, however, the Extreme Q also includes a handy remote control that allows you to control the vaporizer without directly touching it. While the remote is useful, it also betrays the age of the original model, as most modern devices would use a smartphone app instead. But the lack of bluetooth connectivity probably contributes to the vaporizer being so cheap. 

Connecting the tubing or balloon is easy. The biggest drawback of the Extreme Q in this regard is that there is no valve on the balloon, so when it fills with vapor, you have to cover the opening with your finger to prevent the vapor from escaping.

Balloons vs. tubing

The main feature of the Extreme Q is the ability to use balloons and tubing interchangeably. The fact that it can be used as a diffuser for aromatherapy is just a nice bonus.

Quality par

The vapor quality is very good, especially when you consider how cheap this vaporizer actually is. While it's not the best you can expect from desktop vaporizers, it's definitely above average.

Both using a balloon and a hose will give you good quality vapour, but if you want a thicker vapour there are a few tricks you can try. For example, if you're using a balloon, set the fan to low or medium power to fill it. It will take longer to fill, but the vapor will end up being thicker than if you used the highest power. 

If you're wondering why you should use the Extreme Q instead of one of the larger portable vaporizers, there are a few reasons. The vapor produced by the Extreme Q is smoother and thicker than what you can get from a portable vaporizer. Plus, you get more options for vaporizing with a tube or balloon, not to mention a wider temperature range. Even the best dry herb vaporizers don't offer these options. Granted, they are much easier to use, but if vapor quality is your priority, then a desktop unit beats a portable one every time.

Temperature setting

The Extreme Q has complete digital temperature control similar to the Digital Hybrid Volcano vaporizer, allowing you to set the temperature between 50°C - 260°C. So the vaporizer gives you plenty of room to find the right setting!

Warming up

The vaporizer heats up quickly, but it can take several minutes to fill the balloon, especially at lower fan speeds which are more convenient. The device is fairly quiet, so you won't be bothered by the roar of the fan. This is true at all speeds. Also, you won't have to worry about excess heat because the unit stays cool to the touch regardless of the temperature setting.

Cleaning and maintenance

You have to replace balloons, tubing and strainers regularly. In addition, you must regularly clean the various glass parts. You do this by soaking them in isopropyl alcohol for about half an hour and then rinsing them with warm water. To remove more stubborn residues, you can use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol.


It's not exactly the most powerful desktop vaporizer, but the more powerful ones have a much, much bigger number on the price tag. For those who focus on the best balance of price versus quality, the Extreme Q is a top-notch choice.


Even in 2020, the Arizer Extreme Q still has more than solid performance! The slight improvements and changes to the glass parts over the years are a welcome addition.

Technical Specifications

Arizer Extreme Q
  • Height: 17 cm
  • Base diameter: 16 cm
  • Top diameter: 6,5 cm
  • Weight: 420 g
  • Incredibly affordable price
  • Arizer Extreme Q is highly versatile
  • Allows vaporization with balloon and hose
  • The vaporizer is very easy to use
  • The model is durable and very quiet
  • Balloons do not have a non-return valve
  • Glass parts get quite hot during use

Rating 87 %