Do you feel guilty when you eat meat? You may have already come across some reproachful videos where the authors draw attention to the suffering of animals without hesitation. But meat is just meat and you can't live without it even if your conscience doesn't let you sleep? Maybe you're addicted to him. We have a solution. You can become a redhead!

When a burger becomes bitter in your mouth

The Redtarian movement is a relatively modern affair and originated more by accident in 2014 in America in response to the dogma "who eats animal products is indifferent and limited." Its founder is Brian Kateman, a hitherto little-known American who got his hands on a book about animal suffering just as he was enjoying a burger. The news that around 70 million livestock in the world suffers from careless handling and consumer overproduction is behind many environmental and climate changes has shocked him. However, as a meat lover, he could not abandon his eating habits completely. So he decided to start slowly.

Eat organically

Well, today it's still the same - he tries not to eat meat, but from time to time he indulges in it. It is a so-called "half-vegetarianism", but thousands of people are joining the movement around the world. It becomes a healthy lifestyle. It's not so much about gradually reducing meat consumption to complete vegetarianism, but rather about caring about what you actually eat. If you already have an appetite for meat, buy it from a local farmer, where you can be sure that the animal has been treated humanely, is not doped with drugs and steroids, has lived a happy life and the farmer has taken care to keep it nice. 

Meeting of healthy thinking

Brian Kateman even published a book on this lifestyle, quoting a number of scientists and nutritionists, and supplemented it with a number of his own recipes. Reductarians also have a regular, annual summit on American soil, where nutrition counselors, animal advocates, and healthy lifestyle experts are hosted. Reductarianism is currently on the rise and is gradually penetrating us into the Czech Republic. And in fact, so many of us may have lived for a long time and we didn't even realize it - if you buy from local farmers and eat healthily, you're actually thinking almost like a redhead.

Movement in numbers

The year 2019 was marked as the year of veganism, with which more and more people sympathize. Nevertheless, the number of vegans in the Czech Republic is gradually increasing. At present, we have about 1 % vegans and more than 3 % vegetarians. (For example, there are 1.2 million vegetarians in Britain.) The numbers of reductarians in the Czech Republic have not yet been officially counted, perhaps because this movement is coming to us only slowly so far and is not known. Although you can buy Brian's book in the original English version with its 125 recipes on the Czech counters and e-shops of the bookstore, you will not find a Facebook group or too many articles about this lifestyle. At the same time, it is one of the viable paths with which an ever-increasing percentage of people may subconsciously sympathize. According to researchers from the University of Oxford, the inevitable global warming, water and forest loss can be significantly slowed down by reducing the consumption and thus the overproduction of meat by 90 %. 

He is not a goat like a goat

However, eating meat is still (unfortunately) the most comfortable way to eat. The availability of meat does not depend on the seasonality of cultivation, as with vegetables, and the price of meat does not fluctuate so much depending on the weather. People feel more satiated after a proper burger than after a lettuce. In addition, not everyone who has ever considered a change in diet can properly and in a balanced way replace the deficiency of proteins and other components that people normally receive from animal products, and so fatal nutritional errors can occur during vegetarianism and veganism. A well-designed diet that reduces animal fats and proteins can help prevent serious illnesses, such as colon cancer. And it is an effective method if you want to lose weight.

Nevertheless - in our country in the Czech Republic the consumption of meat increased to 84 kg / person per year last year - the average Czech pork consumes the most. But eating meat once every two months could be Solomon's solution - the wolf will eat and the goat will remain whole. So almost whole. And all environmental problems will be solved. Maybe.

"But eating meat is still the most comfortable way to eat"