PFor a review of this year's seventh edition of Roots, I received a hand from a relatively new German company, Wolkenkraft, called Äris on the packaging. And during the testing and writing of the article, two groundbreaking findings came in, which to a large extent influenced the final evaluation of this piece.

I'll take it one at a time, of course. Because this time I broke my traditions before testing and did not read any technical specifications or user experience on the Internet, my very first impression after removing the calcium from the box was that it is another dozen pieces that are hard to stand out. That was mistake number one.

When the device was switched on, the clear OLED display conveniently located on the top of the vaporizer lit up, showing not only the set and current temperature in the herb chamber, but also the adjustable time after which the device automatically switches off and the time that has elapsed.

It's not so strange and unprecedented, but after the first coating, a first-class "wow effect" appeared. Such an amount of smooth and dense steam full of flavor is not common even with table vaporizers. And it was immediately clear to me that I would have to spend some time searching the Internet to find out what was behind my enthusiasm.

And I learned that this is the result of relatively fresh ECA (Easy Care Airpath technologie) technology. This means that the air duct is completely exposed. This has several benefits, including the fact that the vapors are clean and there is no need to develop particularly strong pulls when inhaled. And as a bonus, cleaning is quite easy. 

After a slightly longer introduction, I will now analyze Äris in more detail in the traditional way.


Using a vaporizer is absolutely simple. It is operated with just three buttons. The main and at the same time the largest device switches on / off and the other two are used for precise temperature setting. In combination with both buttons, you can also change the temperature scale from Fahrenheit to Celsius and back.

The already mentioned large OLED display also makes it easier to use.

Quality par

I have already mentioned the quality of the vapors, but within the framework of completeness I will return to it briefly. In my opinion, the ECA convection heating technology used has a bright future ahead of me, and I applaud its creators.

The steam generated by this vaporizer is like from another world. Not to mention that the effort that needs to be made to coat is completely eliminated, and that makes vaporization much more fun. You will experience amazing steam full of flavors. The herbs are mixed with clean fresh air and thanks to the amazing convection system, the vapors are clean and perfectly cooled.

Temperature setting

Äris allows very precise temperature setting by 1 ° C. The temperature range is then from 160 to 221 ° C, which is the ideal range for evaporating any material without losing any of its good properties. The temperature is easily set using the buttons on the side of the device, you can monitor the current temperature on the display.


Äris is equipped with a 2300 mAh battery, which lasts quite a long time, because the new convection system needs less energy to heat the materials. Charging then takes about 1.5 hours.


The vaporizer looks modern at first glance and the design is definitely good, and when it comes to the quality of materials, you won't find any compromises on the vaporizer. High quality materials are not only visible, but you can also feel them to the touch.

The device is small and discreet and fits nicely in the palm of your hand. Specifically, it is 52 mm wide, 25 mm deep and 102 mm high with a glass mouthpiece.

Herbs, oils, waxes

Fundamental and positive finding number two. Äris can work with virtually all types of material - dry herbs, oils and waxes. The chamber itself holds about 0.3 g of herbs.


The equipment of the vaporizer also includes a vibration function, which provides already known tactile feedback mechanisms and signals the reaching of temperature, switching on and off, etc.

Bonus Surprise - Optional bubbler

The fact that I received a water bubbler, which Wolkenkraft made especially for Äris, also came in the shipment with the vaporizer, also contributed to the above-average evaluation. It is an optional accessory, but it is definitely worth buying. It is attached to the device instead of the glass mouthpiece and works 100%.


Äris is a well-designed and well-made vaporizer that delivers absolutely stunning steam and is easy to operate. It provides users with sufficient flexibility with precise control of temperature and session time. Thanks to the ECA convection heating, cleaning the device is very easy and fast.


Äris is a high-tech premium vaporizer at more than a favorable price.

Technical Specifications

  • Height: 8.4 cm (with mouthpiece 10.2 cm)
  • Width: 5.2 cm
  • Depth: 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 249 g


  • ECA technology
  • Convection heating
  • Incredible quality and quantity of steam
  • Fast heating
  • Long battery life
  • Optional bubbler
  • Vibration response


  • The battery is not replaceable

Rank: 98 %