About a year ago, we brought you a review of the unique Sticky Brick Junior vaporizer on the ROOTS magazine website. This time I got another wooden stick Sticky Brick Runt in my hands / on the table and I was looking forward to the first try immediately after unpacking. It looks a bit like an element from an alchemical workshop from the time of Rudolf II. Unlike Junior, the glass tubes are completely exposed and the longer ones stick out of the wooden body really noticeably.

This vaporizer works with convection and excels with amazing vapors over which the user has complete control. Although it's not as easy as with digital vaporizers, with a little practice everyone can do it relatively quickly. In addition to first-class steam, Sticky Brick has another advantage - you don't have to deal with batteries and charging them. You only need a gas lighter to use it.


There is definitely a need to gain a little practice when using Sticky Brick. To begin, fill a cauldron with about 0.1-0.3 grams of crushed herbs. Then light the lighter, aim it about an inch from the fire inlet tube, and constantly draw in air.

If you want, place a restrictor disc under the inlet to reduce the chance of burning. Although the individual coatings will be weaker, the possibility of burning herbs is drastically reduced!

With a little luck, you will immediately get excellent steam and a nice strong coating. You can easily disassemble the run so that you can mix the herbs. For best results, mix herbs after each coat.

Temperature flexibility

The temperature you want to use is entirely up to you. The coating speed and the distance of the flame from the inlet dramatically change the temperature developed and the shape of the steam. Slow coating with a flame closer to the inlet will bring much higher temperatures with the risk of burning. Fast coating with a flame at a greater distance, on the other hand, finer and lighter vapors.

In addition, the vaporizer is equipped with a "turbo hole" for air intake, which you can either use to continuously adjust your experience, or close it with the included cork.

You can get very light steam or achieve direct combustion, so caution is important!

If you want a device that is more like a car with an automatic transmission and will produce consistent results, you should probably buy a battery-powered vaporizer with precise and simple settings. However, after mastering the handling of a vaporizer heated by a direct flame, you will be filled not only with unique steam but also with a certain feeling of victory and satisfaction over your own skills.

Quality par

The couples from Sticky Brick Runt are just amazing! Great, clean taste with the ability to use the whole herb chamber with one carefully performed coating. Once you have mastered the technique, you can achieve complete lung filling or get a tasty aroma.

The Sticky Brick set has a great vapor quality across all products. What I like most is how smooth the steam is thanks to the long journey of the glass tubes, which results in much less irritation of the neck and lungs without losing this pleasant taste. The coating resistance of the Runt vaporizer is actually lower than that of the OG and Junior types, which some users may prefer.

Quality of processing

Sticky Bricks products are special but clearly attractive pieces. The wooden body is beautifully crafted and looks really nice in the hands. Runt also has an integrated stir bar holder. 

The package includes a nice set consisting of the Runt vaporizer itself, a stir bar, a lighter, a strainer and O-ring, a restrictor disc, cork stoppers and a basic manual. You don't need anything else. That is, except for herbs.


Already with the Junior model, I doubted the designation of the vaporizer as portable and it is very similar here. Thanks to the exposed long glass tubes, it's actually even more complicated, and Runt undoubtedly ranks it among table vaporizers.

It is best to use it at home, at most to transfer it to a friend's apartment. Thanks to ingenuity, many of you can certainly advise and come up with a way to wear Runt out, but I don't recommend it in any way. There are many first-class and more suitable alternatives for outdoor use.


Thanks to my previous experience with Sticky Brick products, it only took me a while to master the Runt vaporizer, but most people will probably only be able to do it on the fifth / sixth attempt. But after the initial obstacles, you will get great results.

Cleaning may be a little difficult. It is not recommended to use isopropyl alcohol on the wooden part, it is only suitable for glass parts.

Eventually, a layer of residue forms on the wood, which is impossible to completely clean. The sieve sticks relatively quickly, so it is advisable to "tan" it or soak it in isopropyl alcohol.

In the event of a fire, it is advisable to clean the vaporizer immediately. Do not allow the taste and smell to settle in the wood after burning. The aftertaste may persist for a while, but will disappear after use.


As I said, Runt is quite conspicuous and using it in public is quite a courage. Plus, impractical. There is therefore no need to address this issue further.


I really liked Sticky Brick products for many reasons and Runt is definitely a great choice! The lowest resistance to tension, a pleasant feeling of use and a completely unique quality of steam. In addition, this beautiful and well-made piece is on sale at a great price.

It may not be the most suitable for beginners and inexperienced users of vaporizers, because to use it it is necessary to have mastered at least basic technology. And of course, if you are looking for a device suitable for travel, look for something more suitable.


Sticky Brick Runt is an amazing design piece which, after mastering the basic techniques of use, produces unique pairs of exceptional quality.

Technical Specifications

Sticky Brick Runt

  • Base height: 7.5 cm
  • Base width: 7.5 cm
  • Base depth: 3.5 cm
  • Height including mouthpiece: 15 cm
  • Weight: 200 g


  • Excellent quality of steam
  • Amazing taste
  • With a little practice the ability to adjust the temperature
  • First-class processing
  • Unique attractive design
  • Lighter instead of battery


  • A little more complicated to learn how to use
  • During use, the contents of the kettle need to be mixed for better results