The second product tested from Cloudious9 is the Tectonic9 automatic shredder and, compared to other shredders, it is a monster. This is also clear from its dimensions, which are 9 x 9 x 9.5 cm, and it weighs 255 grams.

As with most shredders, you place the plant in the shredding area. A few turns in both directions and the plant is crushed into pieces small enough to sink holes in the bottom of the base into the catch chamber.

A huge advantage of this shredder is the fact that you do not have to unscrew the upper part to find out how much crushed material you have. Instead, just look through the small hole in the side and you know immediately how much material is in the chamber. And thanks to the LED light, you will find it even in the dark.

The intended purpose of this grinder is to vibrate the ground plant through a slippery pull-out outlet. 

The shredder does not have a final sieve for the kif. The unit is charged with a mini-USB cable.

Thanks to the relatively high weight of 255 grams, it is not a shredder that is well transported. However, it has a strong and durable body and features that you will not see with other shredders.

But only those who do not have a deep pocket will probably invest in it