DaVinci has launched the IQ2 vaporizer, which builds on the strong strengths of the original device. From the outside, it looks similar to its predecessor, but a lot has changed a lot beneath the surface. IQ2 is primarily intended for vaporizing dry herbs, but it can also be used for solid concentrates.

Easy to use

As soon as you start filling IQ2, you will find that using this vaporizer will be a pleasure. Open the lid of the chamber and you will see a shaped filling hole and a shiny pearl. The crushed herbs slide into the chamber as easily as if there were an herb magnet inside. Do you need to shrink the chamber? Just turn the pearl a few times. You can also play with the airflow settings, which you can adjust by simply turning the wheel at the bottom of the device. Turn on the vaporizer and wait for the vibrations. And then enjoy not only quality steam, but also a pleasant feeling from the device itself.

Quality par

The vapors produced from IQ2 are excellent. It cools sufficiently during its journey through the chamber and mouthpiece. The taste of herbs stands out and lasts longer than other conduction vaporizers. Thanks to its design and materials, IQ2 delivers some of the best steam I've ever encountered.


If you have had a vaporizer from DaVinci before, you know what to expect - the quality you will recognize after the first contact. IQ2 has a brushed and anodized aluminum surface in one of four distinctive colors. Every visible part of IQ2 is worth a look. Its beautiful curves will fall into your hand. The new "Air Dial" for adjusting the air flow is made of laser-etched aluminum and you can recognize each position on the wheel by an inconspicuous click.

Battery life

With replaceable batteries, you don't have to think about the endurance of IQ2 batteries. On a single charge, the vaporizer handles nine complete sessions or 72 minutes of net operating time. That's great value, and if you have a spare battery, you're ready for anything. It takes approximately six hours to charge the battery in the IQ2, but it is faster in the external charger. 

Warm-up speed

The IQ2 can reach 200 ° C in one minute when the battery is fully charged, but it can take up to 90 seconds when the battery is low. So it's slower than most other modern vaporizers, but are those extra fifteen seconds important when you're about to start a session lasting a few minutes?

Use with concentrates

IQ2 comes with the possibility to use it for concentrates. This technology is similar to other conduction vaporizers, but it works slightly better with the IQ2. The accessories include a ceramic dosing capsule, so the device can work with herbs, concentrates or both at the same time. 

Dosage control

The second novelty is the dosing control. Several top vaporizing pens have this feature, but DaVinci is the first to introduce this option to vaporizing dry herbs. After filling the vaporizer and turning it on, double-tap the power button. This will switch you to batch control mode. You enter the amount of THC and CBD that is in your herb, how full the chamber is, and DaVinci will do the rest. IQ2 shows how much active ingredient is consumed with each coating.

Adjustable chamber size

DaVinci's unique solution for vaporizing different amounts of herbs, Perla, has undergone a change. Now it has a more oval shape, it can be unscrewed even more for smaller doses and the setting is much easier.

Air flow control

DaVinci has two innovative features, the first of which is airflow control. The IQ2 has an "Air Dial" on the underside of the body with five settings (including a completely closed). As you increase the airflow, more fresh air enters the chamber. When opened, you will see softer and cooler pairs, when closing thicker and warmer. Not only for this tweak, IQ2 earned a thumbs up!


If you want your vapors to be clean, empty IQ2 about a minute after use - the accumulated residues should still be warm enough to be removed without burning them. Also wipe the Pearl while it is warm.

If you know the original IQ, you're probably wondering if a difficult-to-clean area under the chamber has been modified. It was. Although there is still a gap between the chamber and the bottom seal, the transition is less pronounced.


At DaVinci, they decided to fix everything that didn't work perfectly with IQ, even though the solution used wasn't exactly common. While other manufacturers have come up with minor improvements while maintaining the price, or a small increase, DaVinci has again decided to produce an improved vaporizer with a significant price increase. Only time will tell if it was a good move.


The DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer will be appreciated by everyone who pays attention to details and, above all, is willing to pay extra for them.

Technical Specifications

  • Height: 9.2 cm
  • Width: 4.5 cm
  • Depth: 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 159 g


  • Easier to clean than the previous model
  • Excellent quality of steam
  • Complete dosing control
  • 10 year warranty
  • New Air Dial technology


  • Longer charging time compared to other vaporizers
  • Overall larger than the original DaVinci IQ
  • Higher price for someone