Every month I post an article on my site, ie a blog and then on Facebook, on a topic that interests me. The vast majority are about cannabis and the people for whom it is a cure. Less about politics. But I almost never ask my friends to spread them again (on FB sharing), although I'm very happy when they do. In that, it seems fairer to leave it to them.

Today, I will make an exception and ask all those who read this article of mine in advance to think about it a little more than usual and then send it to their friends for review, reflection and possible subsequent forwarding. I do not want to draw attention to myself and somewhere in seclusion to writhe with bliss at how many people have read this article. There are others here who deserve our attention, quiet reflection and possibly even our help.

There are people among us with whom life has not been caressed. Some have already come to this world with a bad handicap. It is enough that the birth does not go as it should. Contractions appear sooner than they should, the ambulance is not available quickly enough, something is overlooked by the doctor and the baby begins to suffocate before birth. The brain lacks oxygen and parts of it begin to die. When this little man finally gets into this world of ours, he is different for him than he is for us.

In a month or two, the doctor will state the DMO. Cerebral palsy. Later, their body cannot do what a healthy person's body can. They have trouble walking, one hand doesn't want to work at all and the other has trouble. Even their brains work a little differently. They think about things that may seem completely banal and uninteresting to others. He sees things we don't notice. They then have questions that are quite problematic to answer. 

I know what I am talking about. This is how my younger son Matěj was born more than twenty-six years ago. 

You start frantically looking for ways to help your child. How to get him out of this problem. How to cure it. But it doesn't work. The doctor will warn you about the exercise using Vojta's method. Then you start. Three or four times a day you practice exercises and positions with him that are not pleasant for him at all, and he cries desperately under your hands. But if you want to achieve at least minimal success, you must not stop. 

People who came to this world in a completely healthy way can get into the same situation as children with DMO. But then SOMETHING happens. Underestimate your swimming skills, start drowning, and get out of the water early enough to survive, but not soon enough so that your brain isn't damaged by a lack of oxygen. Or your child, grandchild, etc., will cross the road and be knocked down by an inattentive driver. 

Once upon a time, I was with Matěj in the spa in Teplice, where we practiced other special exercises with him. There was a mother with her ten-year-old girl. Let's call her Anička. One winter, she wanted to cross the road on her way to school. It was right in front of their house and my mother was looking at her from the window. There was a lot of snow then, and cleaning crews scraped it from the road to the sidewalks, where high ramparts formed from them. So high that Anička couldn't see through them. Mom called her to wait because she was driving a car. Anička just wanted to see how far the car was. It was a short distance, driving very fast and also close around those piles of snow. The blow to the girl's head was terrible. Her skull couldn't stand it, and it even tore off part of her brain. Yet she survived.

After a long treatment, her mother also went to the spa with her to train, where we met. Anička could not sit alone, could not eat or excrete on her own, could not verbally communicate her feelings. After the exercises, she always just lay on a special mat on the ground and looked around with her beautiful eyes with jerky body movements. Sometimes I sat down with her and talked to her or talked about our worries with her mother. Then her beautiful eyes brightened completely and the jerky movements of her body eased. It was obvious that she was listening and that she would probably also like to say something. I don't know what she perceived and how she perceived it. But she watched my every move and my every word, and those eyes seemed to laugh. When I always left, tears flowed from them.

But not everyone has such bad disabilities as Anička had. She will really be dependent on her family in everything, and when she can't handle it anymore, then on some institution. But there are also those like my Matěj, or even those who are better at it than he is, but still no entrepreneur will employ them. You can't make that much money on them, and most entrepreneurs also seem to have too much trouble with them. At the same time, these people mainly need two things. The love of your surroundings and the opportunity to at least realize yourself somehow. To create something that they would see "other" like. Something that will please others, and so it is.

Matěj and other disabled people were lucky enough to be taken on by non-profit organizations, such as Nazareth in Borovany near České Budějovice. They work there with ceramics and textiles. They create bowls, plates, jugs, figurines, sew aprons and other things and they are happy. Their products are sold, and they see that they are not useless in this world. People with a similar disability as my Matěj employ ten and another thirteen with other disabilities. But recently a problem has arisen. A big problem for them. It is necessary to realize that, like other non-profit organizations, Nazareth can exist only thanks to the so-called multi-source funding. The state provides something through targeted subsidies and through employment offices. He must secure the rest by selling his products.

If all goes well, they work out that way, but they work out. But this year, covid-19 intervened. Suddenly it was not possible to hold markets or exhibitions, the shops were closed. There is still interest in their products, but thanks to the covid-19 it was not possible to organize sales events and they thus went into financial loss. And that's a problem. Suddenly there is not enough money for salaries. At the same time, the warehouses are full of beautiful products. But everything starts very slowly again. 

And that's why I decided to write this letter to my friends and readers on the blog and Facebook or Roots readers. Please think about the situation of these people. Go to their website, view their products and think. Anyone you love can get into the same situation at any time. Just a moment of inattention or a silly coincidence. But in order for an organization such as the "non-profit" Nazareth to continue to function well, it needs to have the financial means. They need to sell. It's nothing to do. Our world is already like that. 

If you like some of their products and buy it, you will make yourself happy and help them at the same time. 

The non-profit organization Nazareth has its shop directly in Borovany. But their products are also sold in České Budějovice, Kamenice nad Lipou and Prague. It is also possible to buy them online. Just drive to the address https://www.fler.cz/dilna-nazaret.

Each of their products is original. The ceramics are hand-painted. You won't find two exactly the same. And they are beautiful and full of love and hope of people who so terribly want, despite their handicap, our world to be theirs. Let's help them with those problems.

I still write here only about those people for whom Nazareth in Borovany became their last hope for exercising themselves and getting rid of the feeling of helplessness. And somehow I forgot about those who create this environment for them and every day they are ready to help them. It simply wouldn't be possible without them, without their efforts and empathy. So at least in conclusion: my big thanks.

“You are frantically looking for a way to help your child. How to get him out of this problem. How to cure it. But it doesn't work. "

"In order for an organization like Nazareth to continue to function well, it needs to have the financial means"

Photo: istock.com