Mushroom picking is said to be very traditional for the Czechs. I dare say that the reason is poor socialist and earlier times and the need to get food where possible. In Scotland, for example, mushrooms only grew in the park. They grew up and died, no one came to harvest them.

In the Middle Ages, mushrooms were said to be called the meat of the poor and their markets were full. Mushrooms are excellent and very healthy. They contain large amounts of vitamin B, fiber, selenium and potassium. They support the immune system, act as antioxidants and lower blood cholesterol levels. 

So go to the forest, breathe in pine essential oils and prepare vegan mushrooms at home.


    • about 500 g of any edible mushrooms that you collect, the more, the better
    • vegetable oil / fat
    • spice
    • any flour for thickening
  • 500 g of any pasta


    • mushrooms wash, slice and slice 
    • let the pot warm up the chosen one fat (I used coconut oil) and in it, over low heat, fry spices suitable for mushrooms
    • traditional mushroom spice: bay leaf, cumin, sweet pepper, marjoram, parsley leaves, dried garlic. I experimented and added in this recipe I'm still lovage, pepper, Greek hay and ground ginger.
    • add sliced garlic, onion, delete
    • after a while add mushrooms, fry
    • sprinkle flour and delete. If the food is too dry, cover with hot water
    • pour everything into two liters hot water
    • bring to a boil
    • sprinkle pasta (I chose knees) and salt
    • cook for about 8 minutes and let run under the lid
  • season with soy sauce without sugar and glutamate on a plate. Choose those with a high proportion of soybeans, about 25 %.