I really thought that cannabis was over with a period of primitive lies. But one interview on Radiožurnál and one article on Novinky.cz took me out of this mistake very quickly.

But before I get to the new era of lying in this area, I probably should
recall the first period.

It all started in the first half of the last century. At that time, several very ugly needs met
three capable groups of people.

The first was Mr. William Randolph Hearst, then the world's largest newspaper magnate,
oil tycoon and owner of Standard Oil Company John Davison Rockefeller and banker Andrew
William Mellon. These gentlemen have come to the conclusion that cannabis is becoming too much of a competitor
their business plans and that without cannabis they will earn much more.
They needed to dispose of it not only as an agro-industrial commodity, but also as a
medical device. (ed. note: of course there are many others in this history
important names, all of them unfortunately do not fit here)

The second group was then-US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, to whom he was slowly
his presidential term ended and he greatly wanted to be president again. But
he didn't have enough money for a new campaign.

The third group was mainly the local Catholic Church. To maintain and strengthen its influence
over the faithful and increased the flow of money to the church coffers, she needed her sheep
to present some new "hellish" evil that she, with "God's help", could identify a
from which she could then "protect" herd.

Everyone agreed fairly quickly.

Until then, Hearst had launched an unprecedentedly lying anti-cannabis campaign in everything
your press. He first renamed cannabis marijuana. Then he began to present to his readers
"Evidence" that each user of this herb will gradually degenerate and become a complete one
unpredictable rapist and murderer.

Churches began to preach that cannabis / marijuana was sent into the world on its own
the devil that Mexicans and blacks drug him into white virgins who rape, and that
A white man taking marijuana may gradually turn black.

Messrs. Rockefeller and Mellon contributed their money. And not only that. Also very
generously funded Franklin Delano Roosevelt's new presidential election campaign.

In return, he stopped growing cannabis on his farms and covered the whole event with his seriousness

Cannabis had counted.

And why did cannabis actually lie in the stomach of those gentlemen?

In Mexico, the revolutionary there, nicknamed Pancho Villa, nationalized all the land and
the farms that Mr Hearst had there. This made him very angry, so he made the Mexicans "junk
Mexicans ’. But he had another reason. He wanted to make large-scale paper from wood. But here he is
cannabis competed very strongly. And that bothered her too. Cannabis just had to go out of the way.

It was similar with Mr. Rockefeller. He extracted oil and then processed it for fuel, for example
to cars. But other producers processed cannabis for the same purpose! That wasn't good.
Despite the fact that synthetic pharmaceuticals began to be produced in his pharmaceutical companies at that time
analgesics and other drugs, which again stood in the way of cannabis due to their healing effects. It did him
it wrinkles. Cannabis had to get out of the way for him too.

I have already described the reasons for the Venerable President and representatives of the Lord God on this planet.

All this was done for one reason only - to direct the flow of money into the right pockets.

How does all this relate to today?

A few days ago, more precisely on August 6, 2019, an interview took place on Radiožurnál by Mrs. Lucie
Excellent with a young scientist and entrepreneur, Ing. Jan Storch. Mr Storch describes there
how the people of billionaire Karel Janeček came to him a few years ago with an offer of cooperation. Mr
Janeček was looking for a research team that would help him start producing cosmetics and medicines from that
part of cannabis that has no psychotic effects, ie with cannabidiol (CBD). And because Mr.
At the time, Storch was looking for a way to access the money that would allow him to do so
conduct private research, he agreed. He now manages several manufacturing companies
cosmetics with pure CBD, rectal and vaginal suppositories with pure CBD, pills with pure CBD
etc. They export all this to the Caribbean somewhere, because, as he says, “they don't throw sticks at us there
feet '.

On Friday, August 9, 2019, an article by Mr. Jan Martínek from Práva appeared on Novinky.cz.
entitled: “A Czech scientist isolated a medicinal substance from cannabis. But because of prejudice, it is used
can not."

From that interview on Radiožurnál and from the article on Novinky.cz, I was very surprised by some
statements. Mr. Storch, for example, says: “We were able to extract CBD, pure
cannabidiol. "

For someone who doesn't deal with cannabis, this may sound very nice. "Look, again
a Czech scientist has shown the world how good we are! ”But the one who works in cannabis research, or
He, like me, who tries to get as much information as possible about cannabis, knows that this is not true.
In the scientific literature, something completely different is written. According to her, cannabidiol isolated a certain one
American organic chemist and head of the chemistry department at the University of Illinois, Roger Adams.
Not yesterday or a few years ago, but already in 1940. That I do not invent, it is possible to verify by opening
publication: R. Adams, M. Hunt, JH Clark: “Structure of cannabidiol, a product isolated from
the marijuana extract of Minnesota wild hemp. ”Why does Engineer Storch have such a need
try foreign feathers? Or would it be just an editorial mistake? But how is it possible then absolutely
the same "mistake", this false statement, is repeated both in the interview on Radiožurnál and in
article on Novinky.cz?

Some other statements by this scientist are also strange. For example, they claim that THC (Δ9-
tetrahydrocannabinol) does not cure anything. That it's just a substance to fancy and that doctors who do
patients are prescribed medical cannabis with THC content, they are not actually prescribed a drug, but
relaxing drug. He also claims that a person who uses such cannabis will degenerate.
He reportedly read all this in the scientific literature. Well, if the scientific literature is a newspaper and
magazines of the late William Randolph Hearst from the interwar period, then I'm not surprised that
he can let such stupidity out of his mouth. I'm just amazed he hasn't added that all of these yet
Patients and recreational cannabis users with THC will soon turn into black people.

So what is the reality?

I'm sorry, but I have to start a little broadly again.

Of course, scientists, and I do not mean Mr Storch now, are not only studying the healing properties
individual varieties of cannabis, but also the therapeutic properties of the individual substances contained in it. On
what and how it works in the human body. And it is in these complex researches
carried out in Israel, the United States, Canada, Germany, England and other countries
found that pure extracts of individual substances from cannabis (THC, CBD, CBG…) have a lot
less therapeutic effect than the therapeutic effect of the plant itself or its primary extract,
those so-called phoenix tears. In other words, the synergistic therapeutic effect of all substances in cannabis
contained is higher than its individual components alone. This is sometimes referred to as
as 1 + 1> 2.

Mr. Storch, on the one hand, very much picks up the healing effects of CBD, and it does have them
on the other hand, it attacks THC very hard as something very wrong with healing effects
CBD ice is declining. And this is no longer a coincidence.

So what has really been serious research about tetrahydrocannabinol so far?

THC alleviates or eliminates the very unpleasant symptoms of multiple sclerosis and AIDS, mild
symptoms of chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer, has significant analgesic effects, mild to
eliminates the symptoms of Tourette's syndrome, has neuroprotective properties and thus significantly
helps patients with Parkinson's disease, directly and selectively kills cancer cells
etc. So why does Mr. Storch claim that THC does not cure anything?

Well, he actually says that in full in his performances. He needs money. And so he probably came to
that everything that is or could be dangerous to his source of income is needed
slander, test here, or destroy.

Cannabis and its products are already being talked about all over the world as something that has a huge
business potential. And it is obvious that Mr. Karel Janeček is very well aware of this as well.
But there is still one substance that affects religious fanatics and political idiots
like a red rag on a bull. That substance is THC. And if this substance appeared in his
products, he would still have to face attacks from outside, which would hamper his shops, up to
made impossible. So why not take advantage of this situation? Why not just produce cosmetics and medicines without
THC and not use this fact as a promotional effect? And when these lies will be in public
performances will also be supported by someone who will be claimed to be a scientist, the effect will multiply and
The "positive" effect will definitely come.

At the end of this reflection on my return to lying, I would like to write my experience with

About six years ago, it still lived our daughter Martina with us, we went to visit family and
to friends to Hodonín. And then I forgot my daughter to pack the joints she used and
used to suppress the symptoms of her disease, multiple sclerosis. We only found out in that
Hodonín. We started to decide if we would have to go home the next day because
without cannabis, Martina gets into a very bad situation during twenty-four hours, when all of her
the body stiffens and causes very bad cramps and pain. Then a friend told me that he had been on it for two years
soil plastic bag full of hemp, but that it is probably so-called technical hemp. I must say that it is ideal
for Martin, cannabis has a balanced CBD to THC ratio of about 5-8 %. What was possible
do. We decided to give it a try. I packed joints from a friend's cannabis and Martin did it
she tried. And it helped. At first we thought there would probably be some THC, but
it later turned out to be really technical. Its effect on Martina's problems
gradually decreasing and after two days, when we were already preparing to return home, it was only
minimal. The explanation is obvious. It's just that her body has been helping herself "for a while",
which she probably did somewhere in her body. When there was nothing to take, everything began
aggravate. At home then enough one joint with the necessary dose of not only CBD but also THC to make everything
corrected very quickly.

And the lessons of all this?

Let's be careful. There are decent entrepreneurs living among us who do not need their products
business lying. But there are also those among us who are willing to make higher profits
deceive anyone. Even sick.

Photo: istock.com