No creature's life on this planet is just a walk in the rose garden. First, we test the hardness of our mother Earth as children as we learn to walk.

Fortunately, our ass is not that far from her at that time and it also serves as our primary airbag. The consequences are not particularly unpleasant. But we can also fall on the opposite side from our buttocks, and we have no airbags on our faces. It takes our nose away and we respond by sending our SOS in the form of a crying to call for help and caress from our mother. There's no point in calling Dad. He would tell us to wipe that nose and continue training.

There are many such injustices in life as each of our "injustices," such as our broken noses. It's the best way to learn to be careful to survive our lives. This is called evolution.

Unfortunately, not every fall without an airbag ends in a broken nose. They are "stumbling" when caressing my mother won't help. Especially we men are very happy to look for risks. We test our abilities and we also want to capture our surroundings. Like the girl of our dreams. But sometimes we overdo it. A broken leg can still be repaired. Not a broken spine anymore. We are able to think logically only after a while. That's when we start to realize that our problem with a broken spine packs a lot of other problems. Someone is able to continue studying or working, but the vast majority are not. Someone will not be left behind by his girlfriend or wife, but many others will. Someone has millions on their account and they don't have to worry about life in need. But how many do you know in your area? And a person with a disability needs money more than a healthy one. Medicines, rehabilitation, compensatory aids… 

To alleviate some of these problems at least a little, one has devised insurance. Some mandatory. Then no one will ask us that and the money will be taken from the unpaid payment. We can close others ourselves. Then we send there amounts every month that are not exactly small. Someone does it all their lives and doesn't even get a cold. Another has not even looked around our world yet, and his life is already collapsing. And he doesn't even have to fall off a rock. It's enough to drive his immune system crazy. For some reason, instead of protecting us, he starts attacking us. We will become the owners of one of the many types of autoimmune diseases. Multiple sclerosis, first-degree diabetes, Crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, psoriasis, ankylosing spondylitis, vitiligo, etc. There are many.

I "caught" that vitiligo last year. I've never had problems sunbathing. I sunbathed quickly, evenly and pretty dark. That's it. White spots appeared on my head, neck, shoulders and arms that could not be tanned. So I look like a Dalmatian. The doctor told me that it was vitiligo and that I had probably caught it due to long-term stress. She also told me it was incurable. I'm coughing about it. I'm seventy-five and I don't need to chase any show. I'll knock it even spotty.

Mr. Ševčík from Zlín turned out worse. Originally a construction technician. He started having problems at nineteen. Stiffness in the lower back, constant fatigue, chronic pain. Doctors wrote him a lot of different drugs, but they were useless. At thirty-three, fourteen years after his first symptoms, he was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis. Lay Bechterew's disease.

We are constantly taught that we should not go to the healer, but we should look for experts. It means a doctor. If Mr. Ševčík had followed the incantation at the age of nineteen, he would have turned out the same way.

Because the causes of his problems were "discovered" so late, irreversible changes and multiple disabilities have already occurred on his spine. He practices special exercises every day to move his body at least a little. They are not easy and it hurts a lot. After all, pain is his constant guide. To alleviate it, analgesics, antirheumatics, cannabis, etc. are used once a year in spas. He can't do his job for a long time. He tried other jobs, but it's a problem. He can't handle the normal length of the shift. So finding a job is not just that. Sometimes the problem is even just sitting. He recently lost his job in a sheltered workshop. He was in charge of covid-19, the workshop lost its orders, and so he and others were fired.

In 2016, he was granted a 2nd degree disability pension and was issued a ZTP card. Entitlement to a reserved seat in public transport, free public transport, 75% discount on the train and intercity bus, disability sign for the car, annual contribution of CZK 3,000 for the operation of the vehicle and priority for personal meetings at the authorities. This will help and relieve some of all the problems.

But the disease will not stop it. She has her schedule and she sticks to it. The latest X-rays showed vertebral adhesions already in the cervical spine. This is called the 5th stage of the disease. The worst.

One pharmaceutical company offered him an experimental inclusion in a new bio-treatment program. At first, it seemed to really help. Mr. Ševčík felt better. The fatigue disappeared and hope returned to his thinking. It took a year and then he had to be ruled out due to a significant deterioration in blood tests. Bio-treatment was probably not very organic.

Every year, Mr. Ševčík goes to the spa. Exercises, reflexology, baths in radioactive water. He always feels better for a few months. This year, his return from the spa was a bit "embellished". He received an invitation to check with the review doctor MUDr. Aleš Maceška from Uherské Hradiště. For the first time in five years he was diagnosed with the disease. So he was a little curious about it. The doctor asked him how he was feeling, he read the report from the spa. Then he told him to walk around his office. After a few steps, he slapped him in the back with the statement "So you broke up" and sat down to write his conclusion. Mr. Ševčík timidly remarked that ankylosing spondylitis could not be broken. That the disease is still classified as incurable, with a course of constant deterioration. But the doctor was not interested and told him with a smile that if he did not like his conclusion, he could appeal. From his report, the health insurance company probably concluded that Mr. Ševčík was the first in the world to be cured, and took away all the granted benefits from him. But so that it would probably not be such a shock for him, she left him the right to a reserved place in the means of transport and the right to priority action in the authorities for the time being.

I should add what kind of expertise Dr. Maceška actually has. He is not a neurologist, an expert in autoimmune diseases. He is a gynecologist. His expertise is different.

Mr. Ševčík, of course, appealed and was summoned to another medical examiner. This time it was MUDr. Hana Elgartová from Zlín. Her expertise is also not neurology. She is a pediatrician. She did not have to see Mr. Ševčík at all in order to issue her "expert" opinion. Why too. She's not here to deal with any patients. She just has to write a report for a health insurance company. And so she wrote it. She stated in it that Mr. Ševčík was without permanent medication and that the new examinations had not proved anything new. And to be sure, she reduced the symptoms of the illness of Mr. Ševčík in her report by fourteen years. Why should she write an unpleasant truth for an insurance company.

Of course, it might occur to us that Dr. Maceška's lifelong looking at certain parts of a woman's body and Dr. Elgartová's constant contact with abusive children caused them to become completely insane. But this is not the case. They really only do what the insurance company pays them for.

I was more interested in the work of medical examiners because of the problems my daughter was doing. It does not have ankylosing spondylitis, as in Mr. Ševčík, but multiple sclerosis. Also an incurable neurological disease that is constantly getting worse. The medical examiner, who completely ignored the opinions of specialist doctors and tried her best to prevent the effective treatment of the symptoms of her illness, was also not a neurologist. She was a dentist. You ask, why don't the experts decide there too?

In the course of my search, I learned the following from the executives of Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna:

Review physicians are not here to assess the conclusions of specialist doctors, but they are there to prevent the health insurance company's money from flowing over a closed plan. This is officially called "Checking the correctness and legitimacy of reported and billed health care."

The work of a medical examiner could theoretically be done by any nuisance from the street who can read, write and is sober enough to keep a stamp in his hand. But if the signature also includes the abbreviation MUDr., It looks much better.

My direct question was answered: "Yes, medical examiners are violating the Hippocratic oath by their actions. But it's worth the money they get from ZP. ”

What else to say. We can get in the way of any trouble in life. We can fall on our noses, get Bechterew's disease, we can be bitten by an angry dog. But all this is not against the fact that instead of help from the health insurance company, with which we paid for our health insurance, we come across their medical examiners. Thoughtful evil has many faces. They are one of them.

"So you broke up," he slapped his back and sat down to write his conclusion

We can get in the way of any trouble in life