Do you need to recharge your batteries after the winter? Get rid of Christmas leftovers and wake up life in the new year? The body calls for spring cleansing. We know how easy and simple it is. When else than now.

It all starts in the abdomen

Not only butterflies in the belly in the beginnings of love symbolize a new beginning. The intestines are the second brain of the body. And they decide a lot. It is therefore important to keep digestion in good condition and the intestinal microflora in balance. The spring detox helps as such a small restart, which cleanses the intestines, stabilizes the microflora and starts the body for new beginnings. A good digestion also benefits the psyche and a more resilient immunity. How to detoxify the body without harming it?

Stop toxins

Detox originated from the word toxins. Our body comes into contact with them on a daily basis and in ever-increasing numbers. We find them in chemical additives of all daily consumption products, such as chemicals for the treatment of vegetables and fruits, which we buy daily, in the air and, for example, in the office. Although detoxification occurs to some extent in the liver and kidneys throughout life, it is good to help the body from time to time. It can be a great start to a new life.

Squeeze it!

Even though the pursuit of as much earnings as possible, the soil is becoming depleted and you will no longer find as many vitamins in fruits and vegetables as before, it is still the most effective way to kick the body. Squeeze it! The best detoxification route is a cleansing treatment consisting of juices. The influx of vitamins may be slightly laxative to someone at first, but it's usually just the body's first habit. It is recommended to drink only juices for 3-5 days. If you are performing a detox for the first time, a one-day treatment will also help a lot. No food, just juices, about 6 glasses a day. Smoothies are also a great option. In the morning, juice containing fruits such as apples, oranges, mixed bananas or added carrots is recommended. Carrots contain a lot of calcium and are good for the liver, teeth and bones. Apple juice soothes the stomach and cleanses the intestines. In the afternoon, choose vegetable juices - from tomatoes, beets, watermelon, cucumber, celery or parsley root. You may feel a little more tired on the first day than your body gets used to, that there is no caloric or fatty diet, and that what you serve is really the most nutritious thing it could have hoped for. And then comes the rush of energy.

Lemon is a classic

If you don't just want to survive on liquid juices, you can also help detoxify with just plain lemon water. It promotes proper bile production, prevents stomach acidification, also lowers blood pressure and cleanses the blood. However, in order for the water to work effectively, you should only drink it lukewarm, definitely not ice-cold from the tap. This is the only way it is properly absorbed into the body.

Food detoxification

Of course, you can also compile your diet for more energy from food, you just have to choose it carefully. It's definitely not about starving yourself! You should not miss spinach, leafy vegetables, lettuce, legumes, pumpkin, sweet potatoes. Try to completely avoid meat and meat products for at least a week. The body is relieved, they are more difficult for it to digest. Include chili and pepper, garlic and herbs as flavorings. They help balance blood pressure, purify blood and start digestion. You should consume about 5 servings regularly during the day. You better not overeat, eat in small doses and more often. 

What to avoid?

The cleansing treatment definitely does not include semi-finished products, white sugar, sugary drinks, coffee and processed cheeses. Unfortunately, many will freeze from having to stop drinking alcohol during the detox. Although it is said that wine is healthy for hematopoiesis and one glass will not hurt if you want to start the body and help the liver better cleanse the body, alcohol will definitely not help you. At the same time, avoid fried and overly spicy foods. If you can reduce your salt intake, only then will you benefit from spring cleansing. All this unnecessarily burdens the body and slows down the metabolism. 

What else, still…

If you opt for spring cleansing, you should take it thoroughly and comprehensively. Think of your body. You're doing it for him. You can also enrich your intake of beneficial substances with a variety of dietary supplements containing milk thistle, dandelion root, or include more green tea, white tea and rooibos tea in your drinking regime. Detoxifying teas are also available today, which help flush out all the accumulated pollutants from the body. And what about detox mind? Along with toxins, you have a unique opportunity to get rid of demons in your head, prejudices and unresolved issues that just pull you down in life. It also does not hurt to include a little relaxation and wellness in the cleansing process. Pamper yourself. Enjoy a new start.

And then what?

Return to your previous lifestyle gradually, especially if you only ate a liquid diet. For example, avoid heavy foods for at least another week. It could be a sudden shock to the intestines. And if you've just adjusted your diet, you may not even want to return to your original lifestyle. When you feel a rush of energy and zest for life, stronger health and mental well-being, you may decide for this new path. 

You will no longer find as many vitamins in fruits and vegetables as before