The tender beauty of simple flowers resembles the scarves of fairies that dance around hawthorn bushes. On magical nights like Beltain, it is possible to enter the magical realm of magical creatures with them. 

According to archeological excavations, the hawthorn bush has been worshiped long ago in all kinds of cultures. It used to be part of the sacred groves. Our pagan ancestors believed in his protective power, in the power to heal the heart and enhance fertility.

On the eve of the first day of May, they celebrated the feast of fertility, love and beauty - Beltain, was, in addition to other herbs, inextricably linked with hawthorn.
Hawthorn brings to our lives the ability to accept what is happening right now. Decisions, actions, everything affects our future life, even if we don't want to admit it. In magical rituals, hawthorn was used to connect women with the Goddess so that they could understand and perceive their body, sexuality, and the same allowed men who wanted to get closer to their partner.

The energy of hawthorn also brings the ability to calm down, immerse yourself and the ability to empathize with others. All this is in accordance with his feminine principle.

Hawthorn woven into wedding bouquets as a symbol of good luck, a twig of hawthorn hanging over a child's cradle drove away evil spirits. Set next to the building, it protected the houses from uninvited guests. To cut down hawthorn meant to incur misfortune, in some cultures this act was punishable by death.

You will meet hawthorn bushes while wandering in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere. In our country, two species are most common, hawthorn and hawthorn. Lush-growing shrubs have gotten out of the wild thanks to their appearance and easy shaping in gardens and parks. They are widely used as part of hedges, but their beauty stands out even if they are planted as a solitaire. Thorny twigs will provide protection for nesting birds and large numbers of insects living in the bush, and in the autumn the hawthorn will serve as a reservoir.

If any fruit remains on us, it is possible to make jams or syrups from them. Like leaves and flowers, they have healing effects. But the most active substances are in flowers. You can dry them - they bloom from May to June - and drink them like tea, but hawthorn in the form of tincture is more effective.
We still use the knowledge of our ancestors about the positive effects of hawthorn on the heart and nervous system. It takes a long time, but the effects are guaranteed and lasting. It strengthens the heart muscle, soothes arrhythmias, clears blood vessels - in short, a small miracle. It should also be reached by people who want to solve insomnia, mild depression, nervousness in a natural way.

Hawthorn wood is hard and tough, easy to turn, it was used to make handles for tools, a shaft for axes.