The third weekend in September will be held in the spirit of a healthy lifestyle at the Exhibition Grounds in Prague Holešovice. The Evolution Festival will take place here, where you will not only buy organic food, natural cosmetics and organic products, but you will also find information in one place that you would otherwise be looking for in a difficult way.

There are not many places where five areas such as health, ecology, organic style, alternative and personal development, which are interconnected and complementary, intertwine under one roof. Whether you are a regular visitor to the Evolution Festival or you are visiting it for the first time this year, you will definitely leave full of new ideas and inspirations. You can look forward to 400 exhibitors and another 150 performers, who will take turns on six stages in three days.

Shop wisely

The recent trend is a shift away from consumption and a return to minimalism, as well as ecological thinking in the spirit of zero waste. And it is these two directions that are very much reflected in the festival offer. That's why you'll find sustainable products here, from home to clothing. Why have a full wardrobe of trendy clothes when you can invest in pieces that will last you and can also be combined with each other? At the festival, you will learn what the term sustainable fashion means, or how you can benefit your health and relieve the planet by choosing the right cosmetics and drugstore. You will learn how to read labels and think about whether you really need what you are buying. You will also get rid of prejudices against certain foods and you may be pleased with the information that chocolate can also benefit our health, you just need to choose the right one.

Nowadays, full of information in the field of nutrition, we often do not know what we should or should not prepare for our children. Is gluten bad? What about dairy products? How to get children to consume fermented foods, for example? What should a child with food allergies, sensitivities or intolerances eat? How do I make sure it has all the nutrients it needs? The answers (not only) to these questions will be outlined, for example, by nutrition specialist Eva Hájková. Aneta Benediktová will look at strengthening children's immunity with the help of herbs and Petra Vašková will think about whether sugar is really a threat or a drug. One of the most respected physicians of functional medicine, Jan Vojáček, reveals how important the degree of resistance of the organism is, especially to stress. There will also be a holistic view of medicine and, above all, our health.  

However, there are also topics focused on herbalism, homeopathy or traditional Chinese medicine. From ecological topics, we will talk about ecological and waste-free households, which you can gradually work on. Together with lecturer Nataša Foldánová, you will see together how even the small steps that each of us can take will affect what our world will look like in the future. There will be Kateřina Horáčková's instructions for edible forest gardens or, on the contrary, proposals for the city gardens of the future presented by Karolína Dvořáková and Magdalena Prunerová. The circular economy, sustainable travel or "slow shopping" will also have a place in the program.

You will be convinced that we must not forget about your mental well-being when taking care of your health at lectures devoted to personal development. Charlotte Venice, a partner and family counselor, explains what it means to "work on yourself" and offers tips on how to prevent conflict situations in relationships so that both partners feel comfortable in the relationship. Ondřej Lakomý will introduce you to the functioning of the law of attraction, which can be the key to realizing your dreams. Lucie Sitařová and Martin Plas will reveal how to reconcile the different intimate needs of men and women, Ivo Janeček will once again be human sexuality #prostejinak.

A festival for the whole family

"In addition to lectures, seminars and artistic performances, we also prepare consultations and advice, cooking demos, demonstration lessons, practical workshops or programs for children," says Ctirad Hemelík, the founder of the festival for all who see it #prostejinak.

And one last tip. Be sure not to miss the food zone, where you can taste specialties of vegan and vegetarian cuisine, as well as goodies without gluten or added sugar. You can buy tickets in advance at