RSO Extract - Phoenix Tears

At the beginning of May, I received an invitation from a friend to a very non-traditional workshop. It was dedicated to the production of RSO - cannabis extract according to Rick Simpson (Phoenix's tears). I have to draft the whole article with difficulty anonymously, so you won't find any names or places anywhere. Moreover, this time I won't even give the exact procedure on how to make tears on my own. The laws in our country are as they are, not to mention the police's access to cannabis growers and users.

However, I want to write about my findings. I have to. I need it. We have mentioned Phoenix's tears many times in ROOTS. I would like to point out to them that this is not a medicine that is guaranteed to help anyone from any illness. It really isn't. The truth is, however, that a large number of patients have got rid of their disease and those who have failed to do so have at least improved their quality of life and better tolerated brutal official "treatment" in the form of radiation, chemotherapy and the like, almost liquidated for the body, matters.

This is also the basic building block of the project, of which this workshop was a part. His goal was not to heal directly, but to pass on information, allow access to tears and teach them to use them. After all, it is true that there is probably no one who can say that he was cured of tears ONLY. Almost everyone was in the care of doctors, so it is impossible to determine what took more.

I arrived at the place where the workshop took place with a slight delay, yet I was there first with my entourage. Within a few minutes, however, the rest of the participants, who were from all over the country, arrived. Due to the fact that the workshop took place in several cycles, the number of participants in each was "just right", and because we all came with the same goal, although each for a different reason, it reminded me a bit of a beautiful family reunion. And the great atmosphere corresponded to that.

When we quickly got to know the others quickly, we quickly discussed our destinies, which led us to tears, what we are fighting… The talk was more than pleasant (albeit about very unpleasant things) and lasted for more than an hour. Of course, we interspersed everything with our experience with cannabis, opinions on current legislation in the Czech Republic and practical issues related to the production of tears.

One of the most important was the one concerning the manuals / videos with instructions for their production. There are many of them circulating on the Internet, many of them have even gotten into printed magazines, among them, of course, the original procedure according to Rick Simpson. However, their problem is that those who created them use an unimaginable amount of cannabis in them.

In his videos, for example, Rick pours a huge pile of material into the leaching vat. It is true that Rick states in each manual that the extract can be made from virtually any quantity, but I personally could not imagine how I make it from a hundred grams of material. At the workshop, I was convinced that it works and it's not complicated.

Another important topic was which ingredient in cannabis is actually effective. THC? CBD? THCA? CBDA? Or are they terpenes? In (not only) my opinion, it is a synergy (cooperation, joint action) of all these and possibly other elements. This area needs to be explored in depth and is addressed by many research institutes.

But I personally feel that many of the scientists are making one huge mistake. Every scientist needs to have the most accurate numbers possible. Everything must be measurable and provable graphs. In my opinion, this is not possible with natural treatment. Every person is different. We are not copies of each other, so what helps one may not have any positive (or negative) effect on the other.

And the same is true in the plant kingdom. Experienced cannabis growers will confirm to you that even though they grew the same variety in several places in different places, in different conditions, in the same year, they achieved every other result. The plants received different nutrients, different amounts of sunlight, different amounts of moisture and the like.

Large pharmaceutical companies are, of course, able to ensure similar conditions for growing cannabis in indoor environments, similar properties of plants by cloning them, etc., and thus achieve completely the same properties of their products. But why does everything have to be so complicated? It is best for everyone to find a suitable variety (preferably by testing on their own skin), grow a plant in the garden or balcony and use it as needed.

I will not allow myself to argue and teach esteemed scientists and doctors (I mean it), it's really just my personal feeling and impression, so take it with a grain of salt. But if I have to choose whether Sativex or my own material, I will decide for my harvest.

Another issue is the attending physicians of patients, who are mostly desperately uninformed. If you are lucky, your doctor will at least admit that cannabis can help and will not excuse you from using it. Otherwise, you may even expect swearing, finger pointing, and in extreme cases, the doctor will no longer work with you. This probably only happens very rarely, but I know that this is also the case.

The problem is probably that the doctors in our country have not received any official training and do not have the evidence to make a qualified judgment. As long as only one single variety of cannabis is available in our pharmacies, they will not even be able to make it (but the availability of cannabis in pharmacies is a question for a separate article).

One of the topics we spent a lot of time on was whether it was better to use cannabis grown indoors or outdoors. According to the organizer of the workshop and many others, it is better to grow in a natural environment in the sun. According to others, it doesn't matter. I do not have a completely strong opinion on this issue, however, the plant, which developed in the soil in the glare of the sun, certainly has different properties than the one that grew under artificial lighting, where it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the plants before harvest (do not fertilize and irrigate only clean water) to remove any residues of added fertilizers.

We also talked about the suitability and possibilities of using tears with a high content of active substances in everyday life. Their use has many limitations. I'm not just talking about driving a car than it's inappropriate. It does not matter whether a person is physically able to drive a vehicle safely or not. At the first traffic control, during which you would be tested for the presence of drugs, you would have almost one hundred percent certainty to take your driver's license, you would be fined, etc.

I'm also talking about the ability to function in everyday life. Take care of the family, go to work, handle the authorities… Year-round use is therefore almost impossible for a normal person. This is also related to the THC content of the extract used.

There are, of course, cases where, brutally speaking, it is best to stack as many active ingredients as possible at once. However, another fundamental problem arises here. Each person has his or her tolerance limit set elsewhere. So it is important to start taking the extract Gradually and test how far the body is able to go!

Related to this is an issue called "set and setting". In short, it is about where, in what conditions and with whom. It's true that marijuana has never killed anyone before. However, the first experience can be very unusual, mentally demanding and stressful for an unprepared person, so it is advisable to be cool and in a pleasant environment when using tears, to have someone on hand who the user trusts, who knows what to expect and who can calm.

In this context, I will also mention that the effect of tears can be completely different for everyone. Some are tired and feel the need to sleep, while others are energized, others are hungry. It is, of course, about the variety from which the extract is made, but also about how the body and the psyche react to the active ingredients. But I will mention again that cannabis DOES NOT KILL!

The last thing I will mention is that the extract can also be made from varieties of so-called "technical" hemp. It is clear that the result will be slightly different than for the extract from varieties intended for recreational use, but the difference is not so significant. It should also be noted that the so-called technical varieties are almost non-existent. Hemp is only used on a small scale for the fiber for which it was originally intended. What is grown today are mainly varieties bred to produce as much oil as possible, the use of which is incredibly huge (food, cosmetics, medicinal products), or the most suitable seeds.

After discussing the above topics, we set out on practical things and demonstrations. As I said in the introduction, we will not publish detailed instructions for making tears this time. Either wait for one of the next releases of ROOTS or check out the internet. Search for Rick Simpson Phoenix Tears.