Have you heard of a fungus that looks like a butterfly caterpillar? She is basically a butterfly caterpillar. And it is quite cruel - it attacks the larvae of a butterfly in Tibet. Eventually, the caterpillar will bury itself in the ground to complete its transformation. At that moment, the fungus on the caterpillar begins to grow, introduces toxins into its body, paralyzes it and slowly and gradually eats it. Six long years. When it is completely digested, a fruiting body grows above the ground, waiting for another larva to crawl around again. Meet - Chinese caterpillar, a fungus with miraculous healing abilities.

An ancient affair

The fungus was discovered by peasants several thousand years ago, when they noticed that their cows graze on these strange "shoots" and are then more vital, living longer and breeding better. At that time, the miraculous mushroom became a privilege only for the Chinese emperor and his court. Thus, the caterpillar came under the microscope of modern scientists only in the last century by a rather pure coincidence. 

For a better life

Long ago, this fungus was described as a "life extender". Cordyceps strengthens the kidneys and lungs, especially helping with mental illness, asthma and chronic bronchitis. It supports immunity, has a positive effect on blood cholesterol. It has a beneficial effect on arrhythmias or osteoporosis. In men, it improves fertility, sperm quality and fights impotence. But libido also raises women, to whom they also positively regulate the cycle. It has rejuvenating and also antibiotic effects. It also helps manage depression and stress because it has a beneficial effect on the renal essence of jing, which is responsible for the state of the body and mind.

The essence with which we are born

Cordyceps is both a fungus (ie the plant kingdom) and a larva (ie the animal kingdom). It combines everything living and at the same time inanimate. Among Chinese therapists, Cordyceps is considered a charger of life energy (essence). According to traditional Chinese medicine, we are each born with a certain dose of essence, which decreases during our lives. Among other things, she suffers from stress, sex, childbirth and depression. When we completely exhaust our life energy (stored in the kidneys), we die. Our candle will burn. And Cordyceps is one of the few remedies that can complement the essence. 

How much life energy do you have left?

If you constantly feel cold hands and feet, suffer from thyroid problems or have long and unsuccessfully tried to lose weight, Cordyceps is the right choice for you. It will complement your essence. Preparations of this fungus are not recommended only with concomitant immunosuppressive therapy or blood sugar medications - as Cordyceps may have a hypoglycaemic effect (glucose and insulin may be out of balance). It is also not recommended for insomnia, as it "charges". 

The kidneys control your life

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the main emotion of the kidneys is fear. Once the kidneys are weakened, we are overcome by a strong feeling of fear. Fear is a key emotion that prevents us from living, and we often do not even realize how strong it affects us. Some are afraid to be alone and therefore remain in an unsatisfactory relationship. Some are worried about their future and therefore persist in the work they hate. Once we get rid of fear, we can breathe freely and go for what makes us happy in life. And all this, according to Eastern medicine, depends on the vitality of the kidneys - replenish the kidneys' energy, get rid of fear and your life will miraculously improve. 

Miracles of waiting?

The latest study on the miraculous abilities of this fungus shows that Cordyceps promotes the repair of damaged DNA. It also increases the level of cellular energy, the energy that the cells themselves generate in the Krebs cycle to survive. Cordyceps thus slows down aging at the cellular level, acting against senility. It is also an increasingly sought-after adjuvant in the treatment of chemotherapy. Laboratory tests have shown that the cancer cells have stopped dividing due to this fungus, and the enhanced immunity has started to fight the established cells more intensively. The cancer cells then succumbed to programmed death and eventually disappeared completely. 

Choose the right one

The fungus of the genus Cordyceps is known for almost 700 species, the most medicinal of which is the Chinese caterpillar. However, you can also find some other caterpillars in other parts of the world, for example, the red caterpillar parasitizes on bees in our country as well. You can recognize the real, strong Chinese caterpillar as Cordyceps sinensis. There are fewer and fewer of them in nature, the caterpillars are dying out quickly and this is reflected in the final price - a kilo of "mushroom caterpillars" is sold for as little as CZK 60,000! So you will probably pay extra for a quality caterpillar supplement. But it's definitely worth it! A miracle from China can do more than you can imagine if you are not afraid to believe.

"According to traditional Chinese medicine, the main emotion of the kidneys is fear"

Photo: istock.com