Wall calendars may not only be a practical helper, but also a useful source of information complemented by beautiful photographs. These are exactly the calendars from the first Czech internet encyclopedia of cannabis varieties Cannapedia, which again publishes a unique edition of four types of calendars according to the type of variety after a year. Each package includes a seed (or even more seeds) as a gift!

Thanks to the four versions, you have the opportunity to choose a different variant for yourself than, for example, for a friend. As in previous years, the exhibition of important varieties from foreign seed banks for 2019 is divided into four thematic areas: Legends, Self-flowering, Feminized and CBD.

This lunar hemp calendar Cannapedia 2019 is a show of top varieties from leading seed banks from Europe and America. Each of the twelve cannabis varieties is always legibly characterized and supplemented by an overview of basic parameters with regard to growers and patients. The calendar is lunar, so it contains valuable advice on the optimal timing of activities within the lunar cycle, not only in relation to the garden, but also our health, relationships and business. An overview of important events in the world of cannabis is also useful. The calendar is the annual fruit of the first Czech internet encyclopedia of cannabis varieties Cannapedia.

How to choose your calendar?

 Legendary hemp varieties

In this calendar you will find an overview of legendary feminized champions who have become hits of cannabis shows around the world. This edition represents a diverse mix of Asian, American and European varieties, but they have one thing in common: they are stable genetics, behind which are hidden many years of careful crossing. Take a look at the world of popular fruit flavors or spectacular purple shades! These are flowers with history and character. As a gift for this calendar, you will receive 1x feminized seed Outdoor Grapefruit from Female Seeds and 1x feminized seed Blackberry Gum from Seed Stockers.

Self-flowering hemp varieties

Self-flowering varieties have long been in the center of attention of breeders and growers - they bloom at a record speed regardless of the season, they are undemanding and most importantly: today they are equal in quality to normal varieties. What are the latest trends among vending machines, what aromas and tastes do the best-selling ones boast? In word and image, this calendar represents twelve interesting self-flowering hybrids today. A gift for this calendar? 1x feminized self-flowering seed BCN Critical XXL Auto and 3x regular self-flowering seed from Top Tao Seeds.

Feminized hemp varieties

Feminized varieties are a bet on quality without compromise, as all experienced growers know. This year's calendar confirms that America is one step ahead in cannabis culture, as the vast majority of the varieties presented here are based on the successful California, Colorado and New York lines. Immerse yourself in the world of curious names and exotic scents behind a large puddle! When you buy this calendar, you get 1x feminized seed BCN Blackberry Gum.

Cannabis varieties with CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with a wide range of therapeutic applications, so it is not surprising that varieties with an increased CBD content are in great demand today not only among cannabis patients. However, to choose a medicinal variety that suits you like a shell, it is necessary to have enough necessary information, and here our specialized calendar comes in handy. What are the main innovations for 2019 in the field of feminized and self-flowering varieties rich in CBD? You will find out when you choose this type of calendar, which also contains 1x feminized seed BCN Power Plant.

The beginning of 2019 is irresistibly approaching, so do not hesitate and order now at www.canatura.cz or run to the nearest newsagent. Available from September 17, 2018.