Civilization. Legendary Civilization. It literally revolutionized the early 1990s in computer games. Although computers were hard to reach at the time, who probably had, probably he steamed the unforgettable Civka. The breathtaking feeling of a ruler who makes a small nation powerful culture that dominates the world - that's what we enjoy about the game so far, when the fifth part with many expansions was released on the PC.

There is also a great version on touch devices. Civilization Revolution has been completed for the second part and will provide you with great fun, especially on large monitors of powerful tablets. It's a bit of suffering on those smaller displays of classic phones, which is why we were looking for a variant that may not be as deep and sophisticated, but will offer similar entertainment. And we found it. It's called Age of Rivals.

While you pay about 300 CZK for Civilization Revolution 2, Age of Rivals will cost you a third. Yes, it is not customary to pay for mobile games, but this is a piece that must have cost a lot of effort. And it won't make you more money like a lot of games that look like they're free. It is clear that the name already refers to another legend of the Age of Empires, but we will not build great empires here.

We still have a mobile phone at hand, it gives us more power than a computer that got a person into space, but that doesn't mean that all games must work perfectly on it. And now we don't mean the power of the hardware, but rather the touch control and the time we can devote to mobile gaming. Age of Rivals offers relatively fast-paced battles that last about 15 minutes, but at the same time provide great depth and space for fiscal work. The game takes place in turns, where everyone takes a card. Cards have many functions. For example, they will add gold coins to you to buy more cards, others will make them cheaper for you using the raw material system, others will function as combat units. The game works like a big clash of two armies. In the first phase you build (build), in the second you conquer, in the third you fight (war) - then the points are added and the end. It is the final number of points that decides who won the battle or the round. The whole war then adds up in rounds of four.

The funny thing is that what is your choice at the moment, your opponent will get in the second turn and vice versa. So you can think about what you choose, and what card your opponent will probably take, or what you will choose from. As we have already written, the card will not do much on its own, it is important that as many cards as possible "play" together. Some increase the strength of their comrades, others defensive towers or gain special attacks against specific types of units (9 in total!), Others steal gold coins, promise bonuses at the end of the war, swap cards, but this is simply a refined strategy where each card can decide.

You will definitely not break into Age of Rivals in 10 minutes and the game will still put new cards in front of you and thus new possibilities. Exactly as a premium (paid) game should offer. Yes, over time you buy more cards, but only for the gold you receive in the fight against online opponents or for completed tasks. Maybe the first one is: Complete all the tutorials - and we definitely recommend it! Therefore, if a player whose cards you have not even seen before, let alone learned to use, comes up against you, he simply has them loaded.

Age of Rivals offers economics, raw materials, offensive and support units, and those who do not fall in love with insidious units such as Underworld are not the right mischievous strategist. We acknowledge that it is not easy to get into the game, but if you get stuck, you will have great strategic fun. 15 minutes is also a lot for mobile games, but as the number of cards grows, you will feel that you need to win a few wars with this army! The game is also available on a PC, but the simple controls fit the touchers perfectly.